The Legacy of Abused Children: from Poland to Palestine
Digitally Altered photographs & DVD projection
Date: 2003

This video projection is the first in a new series of works that explore linkages between the Holocaust and Israeli Occupation of Palestine.
I served in the Israeli army from 1981-1983 with active duty both in the Occupied territories and Lebanon.

During that time I became very aware of how the Israeli government and other Zionist institutions used the Holocaust to justify some of the more unsavory aspects of their own policies. Since then I have produced a large body of work dealing with these issues. Whilst I have no interest in comparing the two events (The Holocaust and the Intifada) to see which was the most horrific, who was persecuted more, who has more victims etc, I am interested in exploring the very real links between them.

For example the State of Israel was set up to a large extent by Holocaust survivors, that very declaration of statehood is directly linked to the Palestinian Exile in 1948. In this the famous image of a young Jewish boy being forced out of the Warsaw ghetto under armed guard is manipulated to include him holding an image in his hand. The camera zooms in to the image to reveal a young Palestinian boy, who has wet himself with fear, being hauled off by Israeli Soldiers. He too holds an image in his hand,
that of the Jewish boy in the Warsaw Ghetto.

In this project I am using the theory that
abused children, unless treated, often become abusers themselves. By applying this to the current situation in Israel/Palestine where both Israelis and Palestinians are victims who replicate and repeat the abuse they have suffered the possibility for constructing solutions to this terrible conflict become more real.

These images were used in the project DIALOG:a collaboration with Palestinian Artist Rana Bishara.